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odd_journals's Journal

weird journals
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ac/dc, adam sandler, aerosmith, affection, alanis morissette, alanis morrisette, analytic philosophy, art, beach, beautiful, being held, black, body piercings, books, boys, brian, british accents, california, candy, charcoal, charlie chaplin, cheese, chinese food, clouds, coca-cola, coffee, coldplay, computers, concerts, consciousness, creativity, cuddling, cyndi lauper, death, disturbed, drawing, dreams, dried flowers, elton john, emo, enya, eric clapton, everclear, falling asleep on someone, fire, food, freaks, free stuff, freedom, friedrich wilhelm nietzsche, friends, goth boys, green day, gum, guns and roses, hot guys, hugging, hugs, humor, insence, intelligent, internet, ireland, jack black, jewel, jokes, kierkegaard, kissing, knowledge, kurt cobain, laughing, lauryn hill, learing, led zeppelin, live music, logic, love, making out, meeting new people, michelle branch, modest mouse, money, movies, multiple, music, musicals, nature, nietzsche, night, nirvana, nosy people, odd journals, partying, pearl jam, personalities, philosophy, photo, photography, photoshop, piercings, plato, poetry, psychology, r.e.m., rain, reading, real conversations, red hot chilli pepers, rob zombie, rock, rubber ducks, russell, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, schopenhauer, self-expression, sketching, skiing, sleep, smashing pumpkins, snow, sociology, socrates, stars, stewert, sublime, sunset, symbolism, talking to friends, tattoos, the allman brothers, the beatles, the cranberries, the cure, the doors, the grateful dead, the simpsons, the white stripes, thinking, truth, u2, vodka, watching tv, webcams, weird people, wind, witty, writing, yeah yeah yeahs